Foundations of Mindfulness - 9 week course starting September 6th

MINDFULLNESSOn September 6th we will start the meditation evenings on Wednesdays again by introducing the program Foundations of Mindfulness. This nine week program has been designed by Glen Svensson and is designed to provide a clear framework for the practice of mindfulness. The program includes both the cultivation and application of mindfulness, including stillness or focus meditation (Shamatha) and insight meditation (Vipashyana).

This program includes eight sessions:

  1. Introduction to mindfulness meditation
  2. Relaxation (Shamatha)
  3. Focus (Shamatha)
  4. Clarity (Shamatha)
  5. Settling the mind (Shamatha)
  6. Resting in stillness (Shamatha)
  7. Change (Vipashyana)
  8. Dissatisfaction (Vipashyana)
  9. Potential (Vipashyana)

The first five sessions relate to the cultivation of mindfulness. In Buddhism this is often referred to as shamatha or calm abiding practice.

Here there are three qualities that we cultivate – relaxation, focus and clarity. We will be using the breath as our object in cultivating these three core qualities during the first three sessions. We will then turn our attention to our own minds in session four and five to cultivate mindfulness focusing on our thoughts and emotions and in module five focussing on the natural stillness of our awareness.

The last three sessions relate to the application of mindfulness, how by applying mindfulness we can gain insights into our world of experience and thereby improve the quality of our life. In Buddhism this is called vipashyana (vipassana in Pali) or insight practice. In each session we will begin with an explanation of the topic and how to practice the corresponding meditation. There will then be a guided meditation on this particular practice. Following the meditation there will be an opportunity to discuss and ask questions regarding the practice. Finally we will end with another meditation session.

If we wish for these practices to be effective then we need to implement them in our life, both in formal meditation and integrating them into our daily life. Therefore each session will end with instructions on how to practice during the following week.

Joining the Course

There is no special enrollment for this course. Just come and join us on Wednesday evenings from 18:00-20:30 at the Drom Tönpa Center, Erstagatan 28. For door code and questions, email Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..

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